February is here! How time flies!

In my corner of the world the lunar New Year is just a couple of weeks away. With that comes all the cleaning, scrubbing and sorting of stuff in the house so I’m busy with domestic chores.  Today for example,  I spent the entire morning scrubbing the grime and filth of the past year from screens and glass doors.  I had to convince myself all the while that what I’m doing is important work.  Why? I can think of a lot of other things I would rather be doing than getting my hands and nails dirty.  But a housewife’s gotta do what a housewife’s gotta do.  Three hours later,  exhausted and tired I sat looking at my handiwork –  I can’t help feeling happy about the clean and shiny doors.  I guess all that work wasn’t nothing afterall.    

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Your humble writer-in-residence

I’m a would-be-writer struggling to find my own unique voice.  I have taken enough literature classes back at the university to consider myself a disciple of the written word (whatever heck that means).   The two things I love the most in the world are books and chocolates.  Good friends, movies, pizza and internet surfing are not too far behind. That said, I hope you’ll find my written expressions of love, delight, annoyance and all the other gamut of human emotions coherent. 


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Another blog on the block!

January 31st marks the day I venture into the wordpress blog-verse.  Like many bloggers, this isn’t my first blog but being a relative latecomer to blogging, I know I have tons of things to learn. Take RSS and feeds for example. I’ll work it out, mainly through trial and error. Blogging takes patience, man! Loads and loads of it too.  If it wasn’t for the ready made templates and all, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. Still, we all start somewhere, right?  For now I’ll be tinkering with all the great features,  get a hang of how blogging works out here and hopefully get settled quick.  I got this tips somewhere and they’re my goals for now. Do come by and check my progress, okay!

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